Copper iud and condoms

The non-hormonal IUD, often referred to as its main brand, Paragard, has copper filament wrapped around it. The IUD, short for intrauterine device, is a T-shaped device that is about as big as a paperclipwith a few strings copper iud and condoms out. Doctors recommend taking some kind of pain reliever a half hour or hour before the insertion and they may numb the cervix before the procedure. I get that its a bit of a crass term to use, but there it is. An IUD is to birth control what the Porsche is to cars.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to IUDs

A gyno will use those strings to remove the IUD later. That absolutely is not how an IUD works. Anything that good deserves to be not just respected and cared for, but understood.

Copper iud and condoms
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Copper iud and condoms
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Copper iud and condoms
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I get that its a bit of a crass term to use, but there it is. If all goes well, after the insertion, there might be more light bleeding and cramping. But Mirena gave me wicked cystic acne.

Copper iud and condoms
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